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Fairweather physician assistants and paramedics are trained to administer a wide range of medical services.

Fairweather Medical is a leader in providing remote occupational care in Alaska. Our comprehensive program is well staffed with experienced providers, fully equipped and organizationally leveraged to accommodate your multifaceted or limited project needs.

Providing medical support to Alaska's natural resource industry for over 35 years, Fairweather operates with absolute integrity, maintaining the highest of industry standards and continually investing time, energy and resources to maintain efficiency, meet growing operational demands and sustain its reputation as a proven industry leader.

The mission of Fairweather Medical Services is to offer comprehensive and competitively priced occupational medicine and drug and alcohol testing services to operators and contractors within the natural resource industry – all from a single source.

Fairweather Medical is fully equipped to provide customized screening, training and testing programs to meet the specific needs of each client. Fairweather Medical clinics are conveniently located in Anchorage and Deadhorse. Fairweather's remote medical services are headquartered in Anchorage with highly trained teams serving remote sites throughout the state. Understanding the importance of accurately managing recordable incidents, Fairweather offers complete case-management services and integrated billing between all locations.

The Fairweather Deadhorse Medical Clinic also offers urgent medical care, wellness checks and on-site lab work.

Add it all together, and you have a complete occupational health care package offered only by Fairweather.


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